Is your insurance sufficient to take care of you?

Is your insurance sufficient to take care of you?

Are you taking full advantage of your health care? Granted, Obama care or health care reform is now a law and a tax. This implies that everyone now has the chance to protect their family or attempt to cover their family. The health reform has, in my opinion, helped many individuals who have not been able to purchase insurance, but who will have a high price. Some firms with excellent insurance programs have had to reconsider their hedging strategies; for what reason? If insurance firms are more at risk financially, they need to spread their risk. This has led to an increase in premiums for healthy persons. Well, you can think about it, but it must be accessible. However, this is true if you only have the required insurance and the fact is that franchises have increased.

Do you feel left in the cold?

I’ve spoken to many people who thought they were insured, but after speaking with them, they had to think otherwise. When considering allowances and deductibles, many thought it was only suffering from the general illness that a family would have had or whose bones had been broken which had ended up in the cold and had financial repercussions. I also learnt that they felt like they were insured. They often say that very many insurance plans are required. I am aware that a recent Harvard study found that 80% of individuals live from pay checks to pay check. So, if the insurance does not provide them financially, they ask what they can do. Insurance and taxes alone consume wages.

How can I protect myself?

Let’s talk about insurance for a second. Property and causality (typical home and car) pay mortgages and car companies to insure their assets. Certainly, your car insurance can cover the medical expenses of someone you have an accident with, but usually you are not on the insurance list that will help you. Even if your car insurance has a medical policy for you, it still pays for doctors and hospitals. Then you now have a life insurance plan. Who will pay for this? Definitely not you, except you possess a plan that you have to pay for when you attain a certain age. He will however pay your final costs and whatever extra will go to your beneficiary.

Then you have a medical specialization. Is it to help you? No! They will receive treatment and then medical institutions and doctors will receive payment. As earlier mentioned, you have extra expenses that your insurance will not guarantee. The last one is insurance for disability and if you have a terrible situation, it is the same cash that will be given to you; although the government will not permit full protection for income. You may survive with a part of your salary, particularly if we see the statistics of 80% of the living wage. We also have statistics which say that 60% of bankruptcies happen due to health problems and 77% of these people benefit from an important health insurance. I know there does not seem to be hope, but it is so. As with Medicare, you can find ways to supplement your insurance. Most additional insurance will send you money to support your family in the event of an accident or illness. For 2020 why not plan ahead and get a medicare advantage plan via